Learn From Projects

There is huge difference between learning something in theory and actually building stuff using that theory. The best way to really understand a concept is to apply it in a project. Learn from Projects section, describes projects that you can take up along with courses, so that you apply your knowledge and remember it for life. But as the described on the homepage, Fundamentals is what distinguishes a mechanic from an engineer. Each level has two tasks:
  1. Courses: The courses will help strengthen your fundamentals. They will have their own assignments and projects, which are the most import part of the course. Don't make the mistake of just watching the video lecture while making notes and skipping the assignments. They are very important and you will thoroughly understand the material by doing them.
  2. Robotics Project: The project will help you apply your knowledge and also teach you that building robots is not easy. You will not only develop debugging skills but also have to revisit the theory many times. But once you have got the robot running, what you learn will stay in your long term memory.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a beginner, DON'T SKIP LEVELS! It is very important to go step by step.  

Level 1: Hands On! (click to get started)

Making a line follower is pretty easy if you plan to do it just by looking up tutorials on the internet. But our goal is to concentrate on the fundamentals and understand every concept. Building the robot will help elevate your interest and help you apply your knowledge. 


  • Become a kick-ass programmer
  • Understand basics of micro-controllers, circuits and interfacing
  • Get hands-on experience by doing assignments/projects in the courses.
  • Finally apply all the knowledge to make a Line Follower or some Robot that fascinates you.

Level 2: FUNdaMENTALs! <Details to be uploaded soon>

Core Course (Compulsory):
Elective Courses:

Level 3: Advanced! <Details to be uploaded soon>

You have worked very hard to get here. In the process, you have developed strong fundamentals and hands-on skills. Finally, its time to get started with the good stuff. Work on open problems, read research papers and Innovate!

  • Use your fundamental knowledge and hands-on knowledge to do some very challenging projects. (Innovate and File Patents!)
  • Get familiar with and do some Cutting Edge Research. (Publish Papers) 


  1. Had you ever tried any thing else ( book or tutorial) apart from edx

  2. You can always find books and tutorials. But by doing these courses, you learn fundamentals and come in touch with the state of art, in a very short time. Most courses will cite textbooks/papers which you should read.

  3. Sir, When will you be updating the rest of the section?
    For Level 3 & Level 2 Fundamentals?

  4. do we have to select one of elective course in level 2 ?